A downloadable game for Windows

All of Time and Space. Adventures await! Hop into the TARDIS in VR, solve puzzles, escape the grasp of Daleks, Cybermen and Weeping Angels alike, and travel to places you can not even imagine.

For more info visit http://patreon.com/feroxxy

Project is currently a prototype in development.


30 December 2018 - Aight it's an update! The Library is in, along with all your patreon plaques, some texture fixes and accidentily a weeping angel or two. No worries, they don't do anything... yet. The Library is located in the blue tunnels.

25 September 2018 - Alpha demo released! - It's been a small struggle to get everything to work but here it is in all of its glory! I've had to reduce some texture resolutions and the lightbake isn't all up to snuff, but I really wanted to get this out this month as I'm heading into very busy times. You can step into the TARDIS (its bigger on the inside!), toy around with the consoles, explore the deep corridors up till the Eye of Harmony it self, and visit 4 locations! Enjoy, and don't forget to tell your friends / visit my patreon for an indepth look on how this all came to be!

Pick the "TARDIS VR-VR" download version for VR ("optimized for HTC Vive, but Oculus Rift and other HMD's should automatically pick it up in theory")

"TARDIS VR-PC.rar" is the PC version. Not optimized, but it works. It takes some practice to move the "fake" controllers but you can still travel through time and space!


"My game doesn't start the timestream intro!" - Stuck at the start? Try wiggling your head around. It's really ugly, but there's a hitbox that starts the whole sequence when it gets in contact with your head. It should always respond within 5 seconds, though. I'll fix that in a next build.

"I cant walk inside the TARDIS, something weird happens!" - You can either try to WalkInPlace to always go through the entrance, or when you teleport up close move your head forward - the entrance portal is based on the hitbox with your head!

PC Version - "I'm moving without pressing buttons!" - Don't know whats happening there. Gonna debug that in the next build.

PC Version - "How do I pull the brakes to travel?" - Stand next to it. Press Alt to go into controller-move mode. In this mode the mouse moves the controller horizontally. Press Ctrl to move vertically. Right click to interact with something with your right hand.

Install instructions

Thanks for downloading!

Use "TARDIS VR-VR.rar" for VR, and "TARDIS VR-PC.rar" for PC.

Just unrar and use the .exe .

The VR version is based on SteamVR, but 


TARDIS VR 2019 - VR.rar 1 GB
TARDIS VR 2019 - PC.rar 1 GB

Development log